WHNNP-IDRC (Wildlife Human Health Net Project)

Wildlife Human Health Net Project supported by IDRC Canada

This project is supported by a research grant awarded in March 2013 to the University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka and the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, for a four-year period. The project aims to build research excellence through a program of interdisciplinary research and training led by the SLWHC....
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Studies conducted with rural communities living in the vicinity of wildlife habitats

During the first year of the Wildlife-Human Health Net Project, research was conducted on Phase I of the sub-project on human community dynamics, with the objective of identifying the knowledge, beliefs and perceptions of local communities and other stakeholders about wildlife diseases and their impacts on communities at the wildlife-human interface. This enabled the prioritization of research on wildlife diseases for studies from the second year onwards. ...
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Training and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Activities Conducted

The project team organized and conducted several training and CPD activities, and also collaborated with other projects and institutes in conducting such activities. These were aimed at capacity building of scientists, technical staff and field personnel in the partner institutes of the SLWHC and related sectors....
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